Michael Voris’ latest on the synod

What do you think would happen if we heard this kind of preaching in the pulpit?

Would our churches empty?   I find it bracing.




This is pretty interesting, too.


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One Response to Michael Voris’ latest on the synod

  1. TACit no more says:

    It is bracing, I agree, and I’m glad to hear such clear commentary, which seems quite in line with comments from stalwart Cardinals including Pell, Napier, Burke, Dolan and others. Since in this clip Voris referred twice to the ‘welcoming’ language that, among other poor wording, helped set the Synod mid-term report dispute off, I thought I will post here a small insight obtained from looking at Italian-English dictionaries. The verb that was translated as ‘welcoming’, it. ‘accogliere’, has a more nuanced sense of ‘receiving’ or ‘inviting’. It is said to mean ‘welcoming’ if modified by the phrase ‘with pleasure’, but that phrase, it. ‘con piacere’, was not part of the document’s language that I noticed. If ‘welcoming’ was meant, the modifying phrase could have been used. To receive or to invite is simply the opposite of to turn away or to reject, without specifying if there are conditions involved. Even Pope emeritus Benedict long suggested that it is important that the Faith be attractive, inviting, and I think that is the sense in which ‘accogliere’ was being used. So it is a little unfortunate that this too-loosely translated English term is being bandied about so widely (especially since it is purposely used in plenty of failed Protestant attempts to address the same situation). Nevertheless, it is rather clear by now the degree to which this Synod started out as a slickly engineered exercise by Cardinal Kasper and others to arrive at foregone conclusions, and thus there is a place for the style of presentation in this clip. I am just waiting with baited breath for any kind of explanation of Pope Francis’ conscious role in the whole matter.

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