Damian Thompson’s post synod analysis

Most interesting.


So now we await ‘consultations’ and ‘spiritual discernment’ before the next Synod in 2015 reaches. Which, as I’m forced to point out yet again, is very Anglican in flavour.

With this difference.

The teachings of the Church on the sinfulness of sexual acts outside marriage cannot be changed. Believing Catholics would say that this is God’s will and anyone who thought otherwise did not understand the status of the Magisterium. Secular observers may conclude that there was a moment on Monday when it seemed that serious tweaking of the rules was a possibility. But the cardinals and bishops pushing for change overplayed their hand.

They did so because the Pope allowed them to. Whether by accident or design we can’t say. For the first time, he has brought his carefree and impulsive style to bear on the institutional proceedings of the Church, and it appears that the Church fought back.

The dust hasn’t settled, but it’s already clear how the liberal faction in the Church, dominated by Germans, managed to screw things up.

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