Fr Longenecker looks at the wrangling in Rome over the past week

Fr. Longenecker loves Pope Francis’ final word on the synod. You can read his response here.

But in this blog post, he does some analysis of the past week and look at the future.

The tug of war went like this:

  1. Bishops are not allowed to have their initial interventions published.
  2. They choose a representative range of their number to write the reports to be published
  3. Pope Francis imposes his own team who many complain are too liberal
  4. The mid term report is published to great uproar because of its liberal bias
  5. Many Bishops are hopping mad because it was published to the media before they even got to see it
  6. Pope says the reports from the bishops’ discussion groups can’t be published. [Was it the Pope? Or the secretary?]
  7. Pope Francis has a revolt on his hands from his own bishops lead by one of his trusted advisors, Cardinal Pell
  8. Pell and others insist that the synod stop being manipulated and that the reports from discussion groups be published.
  9. Pope Francis finally agrees
  10. Cardinal Kasper puts his foot in it by suggesting the Africans are not worth listening to on the subject of homosexuality
  11. It is pointed out that no African cardinals are on the committee to draft the reports and another conspiracy is mooted
  12. Pope Francis appoints South African Cardinal Wilfrid Napier to calm concerns
  13. Discussion group reports are published which show how different the bishops’ real opinions are from Monday’s mid term report
  14. Final report is serene and uncontroversial.

Damian and others are now asking how damaging this whole fiasco will be not only for the liberals but for Pope Francis himself.

What do the bishops and cardinals really think of his leadership? If reports from the synod are to be believed there was genuine outrage amongst many of the synod fathers at what they perceived to be manipulation of the synod. Did they perceive this to be of Pope Francis’ doing or others who  were working behind his back? Was their revolt against those eminence grises or against the Pope?

I want to know more about how that mid-term document got published and who is responsible.

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2 Responses to Fr Longenecker looks at the wrangling in Rome over the past week

  1. Macy says:

    It’s really sad if there was manipulation. The Pope is sovereign: he can use his ministry to make welcoming certain categories of people a priority. He can write an encyclical on mercy and compassion. But if the Synod was manipulated to put on a show of pandering to gays or remarried, that is very sad.
    Now, the humble thing to do would be to fess up to any manipulation …

    • Rev22:17 says:


      You wrote: Now, the humble thing to do would be to fess up to any manipulation …

      I agree!

      But you know the chances of that happening, don’t you?

      Ah, ever meet the Chance brothers, Fat and Slim?


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