Here’s an English translation of the synod final

From The Catholic Herald in the UK:

24. Discussion at the synod has allowed for agreement on some of the more urgent pastoral needs to be enacted in the particular Churches, in communion cum Petro et sub Petro.

25. Proclaiming the Gospel of the Family is urgently needed in the work of evangelization. The Church has to carry this out with the tenderness of a mother and the clarity of a teacher (cf. Eph 4: 15), in faithfulness to the mercy displayed in Christ’s kenosis. Truth became flesh in human weakness, not to condemn it but to heal it.

26. Evangelizing is the shared responsibility of all God’s people, each according to his or her […] ministry and charism. Without the joyous testimony of married people and families, proclamation, even if correct, risks being misunderstood or submerged by a flurry of words which is characteristic of our societies (cf. Novo Millennio Ineunte, 50). On various occasions, the synod fathers emphasized that Catholic families are called upon [..] to be the active agents in every pastoral activity on behalf of the family.

27. The primacy of grace needs to be highlighted and, consequently, the possibilities which the Spirit provides in the Sacrament. It is a question of allowing people to experience that the Gospel of the Family is a joy which “fills hearts and lives”, because in Christ we are “set free from sin, sorrow, inner emptiness, and loneliness” (Evangelii Gaudium, 1). Bearing in mind the Parable of the Sower (cf. Mt 13; 3), our task is to cooperate in the sowing; the rest is God’s work. We must not forget that, in preaching about the family, the Church is a sign of contradiction.

28. Consequently, this calls for missionary conversion, that is, not to stop at proclaiming a message which is merely theoretical with no connection to people’s real problems. We must continually bear in mind that the crisis of faith has led to a crisis in marriage and the family and, consequently, the transmission of faith from parents to children has often been interrupted. If we confront the situation with a strong faith, the imposition of certain cultural perspectives that weaken the family is of no importance.

29. Conversion has primarily to be seen in the language we use so that it might prove to be effectively meaningful. Proclamation needs to create an experience where the Gospel of the Family responds to the deepest expectations of a person: a response to each’s dignity and complete fulfillment in reciprocity and communion. This does not consists in merely presenting a set of rules but espousing values, which respond to the needs of those who find themselves today, even in the most secularized countries.

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