LifeSite interviews Edward Pentin

Very interesting:

In the last week of the Synod, Pentin was talked about in Rome due to his analysis that the Synod had been “engineered” by its own administrators in order to bring about the appearance of a change in the Church’s teaching or approach to sexual issues, including homosexuality. He argued that had it not been for the huge public scrutiny made possible by social media, those efforts would have gone unnoticed.

Pentin noted that Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, the Synod’s secretary general and the individual who he said had emerged as the lynchpin of the efforts to control the Synod’s message, gave orders to the bishops that there was no Tweeting allowed of the remarks heard in the Synod hall.


Pentin also commented on the “strangeness” of this Synod, saying he has covered five previous bishops’ synods: “This one is so different”. “With the subject matter, it’s so contentious, of course. But the other thing is the way it’s being steered. I’ve never known any synod to be steered like this one.”

Pentin said he had spoken to a “lay expert” participating in the Synod: “I asked him if the Synod was being controlled, and he said there is absolutely no doubt that it’s being engineered to a particular end, that of putting forward the same message as that in the Relatio” of greater acceptance of cohabiting and homosexual partnerings.


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