R.R. Reno on the latest religious freedom skirmishes

At  First Things, R.R. Reno writes:

Two stories have been in circulation. One concerns a subpoena issued in Houston demanding all sermons and memoranda that touch on homosexuality from a group of pastors. The other involves Donald and Evelyn Knapp. Ordained ministers of the Four Square Church, they run the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Local officials have informed them that anti-discrimination laws require them to perform same-sex weddings.

Both indicate the coming pressure to conform to the new regime of gay rights. Both are complicated, though. It’s worth thinking about why we see them as the beginning of a much broader and more brutal campaign.


Viewed objectively, these two recent controversies represent skirmishes rather than major invasions of religious freedom. But all of us view them with dark thoughts about the future. Our foreboding is justified. Progressives have long dominated an important American subculture: the university. It’s their church and they have run it with ruthless intolerance.

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