No change in Church teaching coming from Pope Francis

Paul Bois writes at Truth Revolt:

The Catholic Church under Pope Francis will not capitulate on the issue of same-sex marriage nor will it change its teaching on homosexual acts. It won’t happen-end of story.

The Catholic Church spans all seven continents with an estimated congregation of 1.2 billion people in virtually every country. While the Catholic Church has lost its prominence in the West due to cultural acceptance of homosexuality and gay marriage, it compensates with growing congregations in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. Homosexuality and gay marriage are met in those cultures with a resounding “no,” and that also includes majorities in Central and South America.

Even if Francis were the most pro-gay Pontiff in all of history, for him to suddenly declare homosexual acts no longer sinful and endorse gay “marriage” would essentially mean that the Catechism of the Catholic Church, all 265 of his predecessors, nearly 2,000 years of church tradition, and the Holy Bible itself got it completely wrong. The results would be schisms that would make the Protestant Reformation look like a family reunion, leaving the church in ruin.

While Pope Francis has certainly presented a much friendlier face with regard to these issues, his past record as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, where he opposed all legislation allowing gay couples to adopt and marry, cautioning that it would “seriously damage the family” and deprive children of “their development given by a father and a mother” that constitutes a “total rejection of God’s law engraved in our hearts” clearly indicates his stance on this issue. Even in the interview where he uttered his famous “who am I to judge?” catch-phrase regarding celibate homosexual priests, he also condemned “lobbying by this orientation” and affirmed the Catechism.

Pope Francis has only one vision for the Catholic Church: a church of shepherds, not sheep; of pastors, not clergy; of teachers, not scholars. He wants a Catholic Church that reaches out and changes people’s hearts rather than hunkering behind a fortress while the secular world encircles it on all fronts. He has no desire to change doctrine, and the previous synod, wildly misreported by the media, reflected that.

Even in the disastrous Relatio Post Disceptationem, the infamous synod mid-term report that called for “welcoming homosexuals” and said “homosexuals have gifts to offer the church,” church doctrines were affirmed and marriage remained between a man and a woman. As stated by the consistently conservative Father Robert Sirico of the Acton Institute in The Wall Street Journal last week, the mid-term report most likely the reflected the views of its author, known progressive Archbishop Bruno Forte, and not the synod fathers.

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