Michael Voris on the Holy Father

After the first Scalfari interview, I was angry with Pope Francis, and found myself tempted to allowing a critical spirit about him.  The next thing I noticed was how quickly I began to lose the fruits of the Spirit in my life.

I recognized that I needed to get back under the Pope’s spiritual headship, under his authority as the Holy Father and thankfully, the love, joy and peace returned.  This is not to say I have not had concerns about the synod, especially the mid-term report, though I am relieved by the final document and the Pope’s closing remarks.   This is an exhortation to trust in the charism of Peter and the protection the Holy Spirit guarantees the Church.

After the synod, I see many of my friends experiencing huge doubts about the Pope and with that the temptations to judgment, anger, dismay that come with that.   One can have one’s eyes open to things, still choose to love and give the benefit of a doubt and to pray.  Once you allow a critical spirit, a judgmental spirit, contempt, dismay and so on to take hold, one does not see clearly any more, even concerning what to pray for or against.

I also see a rise in factionalism, as if we are involved in a political battle.   I pray for myself to rise above partisanship and for an ever deeper conversion to Jesus Christ and for reconciliation and unity in the Body of Christ   I think this is what Pope Francis is calling us to, if I’m reading his closing address properly.   And don’t worry.  The Church’s teaching is not going to change.  It can’t change.

In that vein, I think this video of Michael Voris’ is important:

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