Fr. Denis Lemieux on fools for Christ

As John Wimber used to say, “I’m a fool for Christ. Whose fool are you?”

Fr. Denis Lemieux, a Madonna House priest, writes:

Jesus matters. He is worth living for, worth suffering for, worth loving with every bit of strength and passion we possess. He is important. And we live in a world where He is not important, where He is ignored, outright denied, made into a punch line or a political ploy or a dozen other things which He is not.

Or, worse yet, where He is met with an indifferent shrug, sometimes by those who claim to bear His name. Urodivoi was Catherine’s last ditch effort to break through that sort of indifference in particular. He is God; He became man, lived, suffered, died, and rose from the dead and this is the salvation of the world. He holds in his divine and human hands, pierced with nails, the answers to all our problems personal and social, the deep healing of our souls and the refashioning of our humanity into a community of love. And this is what the Church is meant to be, and yet so often fails, hampered by the mediocrity and indifference of its members and even its leaders.

When we see, even catch the slightest glimpse of, who Jesus is and what His true relationship is to the world and to ourselves, then the path of the fool for Christ makes perfect lucid sense. Of course we should dress in rags and sleep on the streets and eat crusts of moldy bread, if that is what He bids us do. Of course we should do anything and give up anything, if that is what He bids us do. Of course we should have simply no other concern but to do what He bids us do.



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