St. Ignatius’ Daily Examen

Great “how to” article on St. Ignatius’ daily Examen.

Now five weeks into both, I’m amazed by how something so simple — a gratefulness review — has improved my attitude, particularly on a bad day. I’m amazed too by how modest an effort — 10 or so minutes a day — can yield such marked results. Okay, suppose such-and-such yesterday was a complete disaster. But, happily, I still have my home, my family, my dog, my job, my car. This is perspective.

A few days into the Examen, of course, being grateful for The Big Things gets repetitive and wears thin. I realize I should switch to small things, even very small things. The tuna sandwich from the deli with just the right amount of mayonnaise and celery. The husky guy in the Toyota Tundra pickup who let me cut in front of him in traffic. The keys I found without a 15-minute frantic tear all around the house.

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