Cardinal Burke speaks in Vienna

Via Rorate Caeli with my emphases:

At the Synod on the Family Cardinal Burke saw “the almost seaming forgetfulness of the Magisterium”: “It was as if the Church was for the first time addressing the question of marriage and teaching about it, whereas the Church has both in her doctrine and in her discipline one of the richest appreciations of marriage you will find.” The cardinal mentioned “Familiaris consortio” of John Paul II., “Humanae vitae” of Pope Paul VI. and “Casti cannubii”, of Pope Pius XI.
Burke reminded his audience, that the Church has 2000 years old tradition: “Today we act, as if we are creating the church out of nothing.”
The mid-term report of the Synod was for Burke “one of the saddest documents that I could imagine ever coming from the Church”: “Many of us were horrified with this idea that was presented in the report, that there could somehow be good elements in mortally sinful acts. This is impossible.”
The Cardinal made his point very clear: “The Church’s discipline can never be other than true to her doctrine.”
“Any kind of discussion, which attempts to say, that the Church can uphold her teaching on marriage and the indissolubility of marriage and at the same time in her practice deny that truth – that simply is not catholic, that won’t go. It is not acceptable.”
Cardinal Burke than mentioned “one of the big refrains” at the Synod: “The culture has changed so radically that we simply cannot teach as we have in the past.” But this is, so Cardinal Burke, “the loss of hope and faith in Jesus Christ”.
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