Crux on the opening of the USCCB plenary

Interesting article by Michael O’Loughlin. Not sure I like the way the reporter describes the debate or the two sides—kind of reductionist—but nevertheless, worth reading.  An excerpt:

BALTIMORE — In his first address to the full slate of American bishops as president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville praised Pope Francis’ tone and style, but avoided specific mention of the hot-button cultural issues that roiled the Synod of Bishops meeting at the Vatican last month.

Kurtz defended the pope’s emerging “culture of encounter,” with its emphasis on mercy over judgment, embracing those not living in accord with Church teaching, and more directly assisting the poor and disadvantaged. He likened Francis’ philosophy to his own visits to the homes of parishioners when he was a pastor.

“When I’d come to someone’s home, I wouldn’t start by telling them how I’d rearrange their furniture. In the same way, I wouldn’t begin by giving them a list of rules to follow,” Kurtz told the nearly 400 bishops gathered in Baltimore.

During the synod last month in Rome, conservative and liberal bishops battled, sometimes publicly, over how the Church should promote its sometimes-controversial teachings. Liberal Catholics have praised what they say is Francis’ more open, welcoming tone, while conservatives fret that the pope is not placing enough emphasis on opposition to issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage.
In that last paragraph, I do not see the conservative push-back in terms of “the pope is not placing enough emphasis on opposition to issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage.”
What I saw them doing is reacting against what seemed to be changes in the Church’s doctrine on marriage and the insertion of gender ideology into Catholic teaching—also contrary to Church teaching.
I doubt even Cardinal Burke goes into a lay person’s home and tells them how to rearrange the furniture.
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