My piece on Jesuit scholastics’ mini Ignatian retreat

I loved attending this retreat and working on this story now up at B.C.  Catholic.

Young Jesuit scholastics in formation for the priesthood offered Catholic young adults an Ignatian retreat Oct. 24-25 designed to set their hearts on fire and draw them closer to God.

The program designed by the Milwaukee-based Apostleship of Prayer, entitled “Hearts on Fire” featured talks, Adoration, Reconciliation, small group discussion and an opportunity to try some of the Society of Jesus founder St. Ignatius’ famous spiritual exercises.

Apostleship of Prayer youth and young adult director Santiago Rodriguez, SJ, joined fellow Canadian Jesuit scholastic John O’Brien, SJ, Edmond Lo, SJ, and Artur Suski, SJ in presenting the talks that compressed a four-week Ignatian retreat into a Friday evening and Saturday.

The introductory talk by O’Brien explaineed how hearts are looking for more than what the world offers and how the spiritual exercises “help lead our hearts more and more to the heart of Jesus.” Lo then explained how sin distorts our hearts desires. He then prepared the more than 50 participants for Adoration, and, if they wished, the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Sin is what “binds us, what keeps us from Christ’s call,” said Suski in the third talk. Jesus not only provides freedom from sin, but the freedom to be with Jesus.

On earth, we are faced with a choice of two standards: the standard of satan; and the standard of Christ, he said. “Which standard do you follow?”

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