John Allen Jr. interviews Cardinal George

At Crux, Cardinal George talks about some questions he’d like to pose to Pope Francis.  Good ones.

To begin, George said he’d like to ask Francis if he fully grasps that in some quarters, he’s created the impression Catholic doctrine is up for grabs.

Does Francis realize, for example, “what has happened just by that phrase, ‘Who am I to judge?’ ”

 Francis’ signature sound-bite, George said, “has been very misused … because he was talking about someone who has already asked for mercy and been given absolution, whom he knows well,” George said.

(Francis uttered the line in 2013, in response to a question about a Vatican cleric accused of gay relationships earlier in his career.)

“That’s entirely different than talking to somebody who demands acceptance rather than asking for forgiveness,” George said.


Second, George said he’d like to ask Francis who is providing him advice — which, he said, has become the “big question” about this pope.

“Obviously he’s getting input from somewhere,” George said. “Much of it he collects himself, but I’d love to know who’s truly shaping his thinking.”

Third, George noted that Francis often makes references to the Devil and the biblical notion of the end-times, but said it’s not clear how that shapes his vision and agenda.


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2 Responses to John Allen Jr. interviews Cardinal George

  1. EPMS says:

    I’m sure Cardinal George deeply regrets that Pope Francis is getting his advice from “somewhere” and that somewhere is not Cardinal George, who would be doing a much better job, in his opinion. How do these people differentiate themselves from those who sneered at Our Lord for eating with tax-gatherers and sinners?

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