John Allen Jr. writes on the Pope’s call for unity in diversity in Istanbul

A most interesting piece over at Crux Now:

“Only the Holy Spirit is able to kindle diversity, multiplicity, and, at the same time, bring about unity,” Francis said.

“When we try to create diversity, but are closed within our own particular and exclusive ways of seeing things, we create division,” he said. “When we try to create unity through our own human designs, we end up with uniformity and homogenization.”

It doesn’t have to be that way, the pope argued.

“If we let ourselves be led by the Spirit, richness, variety, and diversity will never create conflict, because the Spirit spurs us to experience variety in the communion of the Church,” Francis said.

The pontiff conceded that unity may not be an easy sell.

“The temptation is always within us to resist the Holy Spirit, because he takes us out of our comfort zone and unsettles us,” he said. “It is always easier and more comfortable to settle in our sedentary and unchanging ways.”

Francis called believers to avoid the tug of defensiveness.

“Our defensiveness is evident when we are entrenched within our ideas and our own strengths – in which case we slip into Pelagianism – or when we are ambitious or vain,” he said.

I am for unity in diversity as long as it is a unity in the faith.   We can’t have diversity, say, in understanding of Real Presence of the Eucharist—you think it’s a symbol, I think it’s Our Lord, Body, Blood Soul and Divinity.

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