The synod working document is out

John Allen Jr. does some analysis over at Crux:

Tuesday’s document was released in Italian, with a statement that translations in the various languages would soon be sent to bishops’ conferences. It asks that responses to the questions be submitted to Rome by April 15.

At the last synod, three issues above all emerged as the major points of division:

  • How welcoming should Catholicism be of homosexuals and of people living in same-sex unions?
  • How positive should Catholicism be in its evaluation of “irregular” relationships, such as living together outside marriage? Although these situations aren’t ideal, do they still possess positive values?
  • Should Catholics who divorce and remarry outside the Church be allowed to receive communion?

If the questions published Tuesday are any indication, debate over those matters is not resolved.

You can find the text of the lineamenta in Italian here.

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