That “God of surprises” according to Acts of the Apostasy

This is a wonderful post.  Please it all!  Here’s an excerpt:

Some time ago – I think it was around the time of the Synod of the Family – Pope Francis made a comment referring to God as “a God of surprises”. This description rankled the feathers of some Catholics, but I heartily concurred. During the past year or so, God has been surprising me in various and sundry ways. And I believe it’s because I finally made the commitment to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.



Bottom line, for me, is that living and being and operating in God’s will has been life-changing, and continues to be life-changing. Being in His will makes me receptive to surprise. It doesn’t mean there’s less chaos in my life (there isn’t), or fewer problems (there aren’t), and it doesn’t mean every day is sunshine, roses, and Skittles (they aren’t, believe me!). What it means, for me, in a very real and palpable way, is that “though I walk in the valley of death, I fear no evil, for thou art with me”. It’s easier for me to let the shit swirl around me without affecting me. It’s easier to stay in a peaceful frame of mind, for Christ has given His peace to me. It’s easier to be open to the things God calls me to do, even if I don’t understand why it’s me He wants me to do these things.

This is what Pope Francis means by a God of Surprises.  Not a God that would surprise us with changing the Church’s teachings as some seem to hope, but of that sense of wonder and joy that comes from living by the Spirit.

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3 Responses to That “God of surprises” according to Acts of the Apostasy

  1. Hilary White says:

    So, when Pope Francis told you personally that he meant by the comment what you said above, did he add anything about why he asked Cardinal Kasper to set the agenda for the Synod?

  2. Foolishness says:

    Hilary White, I wish I had thought of asking him about Cardinal Kasper and that midterm relatio, come to think of it.

  3. TACit no more says:

    It has surprised me since even before the Synod that mention isn’t made of the book ‘God of Surprises’ by Gerard Hughes SJ, that became a popular spiritual guidebook from the mid-1980s onward. It seems extremely likely this is where the phrase Pope Francis uses could have originated, and thus what he really means could be ground-truthed by reference to this book.

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