A most interesting post at Deus ex Machina blog

Deus ex Machina blog has a most interesting, long post on the fascination Pope Francis and others in the Catholic Church have with the charismatic movement.

It’s a long post with a number of links and references.  I had posted earlier about the concerns raised by Vittorio Messori about Pope Francis.  The Deus ex Machina blog does an analysis of a response by Leonardo Boff to Messori, in which he outlines the many logical fallacies in Boff’s critique.

He concludes:

The fascination that Bergoglio and the neo-modernists have with evangelical Pentecostalism is likely grounded in the fact that since their neo-modernist theology is a purely negative thesis, with no attractive force of its own, and the adaptation of this negative theology is causing the death of their ecclesiastical structure, they are probably being attracted to the evangelical Pentecostalism due to its “positive” i.e. “attractivistic contents”. (There really is such a word.) These Pentecostal ideas are not correct, but at least they say something substantial. Or in the worst case scenario, Pentecostalism says something more substantial than neo-modernism.


I personally am not ready to consign Pope Francis to the neo-modernist camp—I am troubled by some things he does and says, but like Messori, I am perplexed and confused by what seem to be mixed, even contradictory messages.

I am made some comments over in the comments section.  Lively debate is going on there.

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