A most interesting Mass

Some great writing in this post:

Now that Epiphany has come and gone, the inside of the church is bare bones. But I will not soon forget the Christmas decorations. They consisted mostly of scraggly pine trees arranged freestyle around the back of the altar tossed with red and green strings of lights. The lights were on blinking mode. While the old priest was giving his homily, green lights were flashing on one side of his face, red lights on the other. It looked like a bordello.

The other morning at Mass, the celebrant was another elderly Franciscan friar. This one had a stringy white beard and brown sandals. During the hallelujah, he got up from his seat, walked behind the altar, and passed through a doorway at the back of the church. A couple of seconds later we heard a door slam. Then nothing. Minutes passed.

The fifteen or so of us in the pews started to look around. The front of the church was completely empty. After five minutes, it seemed he would not be coming back. Perhaps no one else would come either. What do you do when you’re trapped in a half-finished Mass? A middle-aged Latino couple got up and left.

Read more: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/goodletters/2015/01/st-francis-and-the-bloody-nosed-friar/#ixzz3OwfxNmNj

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