John Zmirak and Jason Jones on Charlie Hebdo

The Catholic Thing has a great post by these two:

The attack on Charlie Hebdo was an assault on Christendom. Magazines that publish sophomoric cartoons mocking religion are, paradoxically, part of the Body of Christ – if perhaps its lower intestine. In a society formed by the profound Christian notion of human dignity, there is also room for bad Christians and non-Christians, just as there are cells for mystical Carmelites. The broadest vision of a real, earthly, Christian society can be found, not in monastic tracts, but in The Canterbury Tales.

Attempts to forcibly “purify” Christian societies of dissent and sin always ended in catastrophe – with “heretics” chained to stakes, Jews labeled with badges and artworks piled on bonfires. Such fitful attempts to truncate the Body of Christ of its “impure” members planted seeds of vengeance – which sprouted in France in 1789, and in Spain in the 1930s. At the Second Vatican Council, the Church fully renounced any aspiration to dominate men’s souls through the sword of the state – recognizing that religious persecution is intrinsically evil, just like adultery or abortion.

So it’s sickening to see some commentators squeeze out excuses for the slaughter of journalists –suggesting that the victims provoked the assault by outraging Muslim sensibilities. AsRoss Douthat suggested, any religion that threatens to kill its critics needs and deserves profane mockery – as a means of self-defense on the part of non-believers.

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1 Response to John Zmirak and Jason Jones on Charlie Hebdo

  1. John Walter S. says:

    Are you serious? Are we also going to say Planned Parenthood are a part of Christendom too? Because, in the Kingdom of God, mothers kill their children? So why is blasphemy allowed in Christendom, that is, if Christendom still exists as we speak? (I can see parishes closing, people focused on things other than getting their souls ready for Heaven, Satanists and heretics having a blast.) If Christendom exists now, it’s like as Pope Benedict XVI said; it’s a shrinking kingdom. At least on Earth. The Church, being the vanguard of the Kingdom of God upon Earth, the “colony” of the Kingdom, exists to glorify God, and it has no room for blasphemy. It praises God, it does not defame Him. It give Him thanks, not mockery nor spite.

    And then we have apologists for Heretics. You try to instruct the ignorant, and you are rebuked by them, who then disturb the peace of society. They preache error, seduce other fools who hate to be taught. What do you do? Children imbibe this influence, and they become rebellious. They start to hate you for everything you’ve believed because they accuse you of teaching them lies. They go off to a life of sin, and the only thing you can do is pray and trust in God that your children will return home safe. Some do, many don’t. That’s why Heretics are burned. There are sinners, who can be forgiven if they repent. And then there are heretics, who believe from the bottom of their heart, that the Church is wrong, the magisterium is wrong, and that they exclusively hold the teaching authority that Christ had left to Peter and his successors.

    And the purging of Heretics were not always unsuccessful. Where are the Borborites, the Donatists, the Waldensians, the Albigensians, the Arians? It is the duty of the Church to fight these heresies until Christ comes back because the Church is the surest fortress against them. The moment the Church stops this struggle, stops the instruction of the faithful because of politics, or some other worldly matter, these heresies come back in a different form. The Bogomils become Cathars. The Waldensians become Husites. The Arians become Jehovah’s Witness. And the Mormons- I have no idea where they would have gotten their ideas from, but Joseph Smith seems similar to Muhammad with his “revelation”.

    Had the Church continued to put the pressure against those who challenge the Church, there would have been no opportunity for any metastasis of a heresy. But instead, because of some missteps, the Church is forced to acknowledge the “Human Right” of “Free Speech” which has, in fact, eroded the state of orthodoxy within the Church. Why? Because people baptized into the Church no longer see what the Church sees nor believe what the Church believes. May boys now believe that becoming a priest is to say and do things an hour a week, then play video games the rest of the time. Maybe people can pick and choose what they agree to follow with what the Church teaches. Maybe the Church has become nothing more than a hotbed of gossip and sophomoric drama-making.

    The “Seed of Vengeance” is absurd. The Church makes no mistake, and any vengeance against the Church perpetrated by the French and the Spaniard republicans damn themselves by striking against the Church of God. Their “vengeance” is nothing more than their willingness to be tools of the diabolical, for they end up becoming monsters in their murder of clergy and those who refuse to betray their faith in God. And these people who are insistent that they are nothing more than apes have progeny who conduct wars that destroyed millions of lives; and the progeny of that generation now demand their “rights” to be respected after debauching any notion of “rights” for the sake of eternal liberty and freedom and brotherhood, and all that nonsense.

    Now, I started this series of posts with a thought about Charlie Hebdo. What did they do to deserve being murdered by Islamists? Some of the mourners say they don’t deserve to be murdered for drawing things, but it’s just the way things are that there are consequences to anything we do or say. In what way was Charlie Hebdo prudent in antagonizing and provoking people who would likely come and kill them all as it is stated in their religious text?

    If it was just Charlie Hebdo and the Catholic Church, I’d call for Charlie Hebdo to be shut down, because it is wrong to blaspheme against God and His Church. If they send out thugs like FEMEN to protest that closing in churches, then they should be forced out of churches, with clubs if necessary. No killing necessary, but violence does beget violence- not as exhortation against violence, but mere commonsensical observation. You don’t stop FEMEN, SNAP, GLAAD, or whatever they like to call themselves, with polite, civil dialogue- they will be in your face, and the only thing that can be done to eject them from holy places is by force, by violence, to counteract their own force and violence.

    And what if it was just Islam, more specifically ISIS and its ilk, against the Catholic Church? Then, we fight with guns. We fight with iron will and faith. It goes without saying that time for dialogue had already passed. Those people want to re-create the spread of the Abbasids, who in the space of 100 years put Christendom into the defensive, and 2/3 of traditionally Christian lands had then fallen to Islamic rule. North Africa. Egypt. Syria. Iraq. Asia Minor. Spain. And now, all people want to believe is that these “Poor, pitiable men are victims of Christian bigotry for hundreds of years!”

    What an insult. What an insult to holy men who shed their blood in attempting to take back what belonged to Christians. Charles Martel. Don Pelayo. Godfrey De Bouillon. Jan Sobieski, Jan Hunyadi, St. Louis IX. John of Austria. St. Lawrence of Brindisi. St. John Capistran, The Cristeros, and many unremembered Christian warriors are now vilified as if they are worse than Judases for daring to defend themselves against Islam and for righting the wrongs it has inflicted upon Christendom, now diseased and mocked by the godless and whose children are preyed upon by strange ideas that drive them far from God. We do no honor to those great men not just by vilifying them but by giving victory to Islam through what they could not do by the sword, but by self-hatred and dissoluteness of Western society.

    The most amusing part is that in a month or two, everyone will forget about Charlie Hebdo as some other headline takes over, and people will wonder why did that thing happen. But let us all be reassured, Pope Francis will not call a Crusade to destroy ISIS to give aid to the displaced Christians, nor will people respond if such an antiquated, medieval, Pre-Vatican 2 thing be declared.

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