Crisis Magazine on the Canadian Supreme Court’s latest decision

Great article by Joe Bissonnette:

On the morning of Friday, February 6, 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the law against assisted suicide was unconstitutional. Canada now joins a small, elite group of madly progressive countries in abandoning the most fundamental principle in all of nature.


We dare not take from God the power over life and death which belongs to Him alone.

But the Supreme Court of Canada long ago left behind nature and holy reverence. It has struck down laws prohibiting abortion, and for this the innocent blood of millions indicts the court. It has struck down laws preserving marriage, and for this, untold numbers of broken hearts and fatherless children indict the court. It has struck down laws prohibiting prostitution, and for this thousands upon thousands of persons created in the image of God have been reduced to meat, to be used and abused, these humiliated victims indict the court. And once again, in striking down laws which prohibit doctors from assisting their patients in killing themselves, the court has inserted a poisonous siringe in the heart of the one true test of the greatness of a people, how it treats the weak, the defenseless and the needy.


Physician-assisted suicide is an obvious continuation of the death logic of abortion. Like abortion which was initially promoted as a response to hard cases but has in practise become birth control, physician-assisted suicide has been promoted as a response to desperate pain, but elsewhere in the world where it is already practiced, physician-assisted suicide has become a means of disposing of the unwanted.


The Church defines a sacrament as a sign that achieves what it signifies, and in some profound sense, everything that we do on this side of the veil has the sacramental power of achieving a spiritual reality either of light and godliness, or of darkness and evil.  Our acts become habits which in turn become our characters; who we are. The slow-motion suicide of a culture which kills its children so that it can perpetuate its own fantasy of childhood is spiritually transforming. It is who we are. And now we have also officially abandoned those most in need of the most basic human covenant, supporting each other in the struggle to live.

I was there in the lock up when journalists had the decision explained to us.   I was joking that I had to get out of the building fast before it got struck by a thunderbolt from on high.

On a serious note, though, it is time for sackcloth and ashes and reparation.


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One Response to Crisis Magazine on the Canadian Supreme Court’s latest decision

  1. John Walter S. says:

    It’s only a few more steps before the State can decide who is “Worthy of Life”, maybe when history is revised after favorable “discoveries” about Eugenics occurs. And then, just as it is as easy to access abortifacients and “prophylactics” against the disease of life, it will then be easy and casual to commit suicide and euthanasia in the streets.

    Of course, it won’t be so “barbaric” as to allow someone to blow their heads off in public, no. We do the “civilized” thing and provide rooms or booths where people can kill themselves safely and without causing offense to those hypocrites who are sensitive to violence, gore, blood, and so forth. Their bodies are safely dumped out of view and probably recycled for human consumption or processed into fertilizer or some other disgusting (but utilitarian) practice.

    The public knows, someone dies, but that’s none of their business, right? The public would have become so addled with pornography, gossip, drugs, sex, and other sorts of carnal pleasures, it would not matter to them whether they unwittingly break the taboo of cannibalism, so long as they don’t know where it came from. People don’t “die” in this society, they just “disappear” when doctors take away the elderly, when couples murder their child and construct the “perfect” one from genes, tissues, chemicals in a test tube.

    And of course there would be no God, so there would be no Heaven. And then all there would be is the short period of time from present until death, filled with a series of only pleasurable experiences, like the experiment wherein a monkey preferred the release of serotonin until it starved to death. An artificial, illusory heaven of feelings and sensation. The chain which keeps our eyes towards the shadows at the back of the cave.

    How would God deal with a Church that remains silent or condones such a future? When a part of the body has become gangrenous, it must be severed, or it will spread its corruption. But who will raise the cleaver to cut off the member?

    It is, indeed, time to don the sackcloth and ashes, for we truly live in frightening times; it is only a matter of time before the Lord exacts His Vengeance through conquest, war, famine, and then death.

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