Breaking news! —document intercepted from Anglican Ordinariate

Heh heh heh.  The Society of Canadian Catholic Bloggers (SCCB) has broken the story:


Ypsilanti, United States – SCCB has recently come across a document that, because of recent instances of mail fraud in the Vatican City State, had been hand-delivered to cardinals and other key members of the Roman Curia.

The note originated from the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, the ecclesial entity that oversees the Anglo-Catholic Rite in North America, and was signed by a Fr. Greg Carruthers. So far Carruthers has not been identified.

The note was dated November 4th, 2014, and addresses the fall-out of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family that had then recently concluded. We include excerpts of it here:

“If you pull a Henry VIII on the Church, Your Eminences, we will totally be asking for our money back. We didn’t go through all these shenanigans just to end up back at square one…”

Read the rest here.

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1 Response to Breaking news! —document intercepted from Anglican Ordinariate

  1. EPMS says:
    Was the SCCB post supposed to be a send-up? The blog post above said essentially the same thing, in complete earnest.

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