John Allen Jr weighs in on Cardinal Pell and the allegedly stolen books

Over at Cruxnow, John Allen Jr. gives his weekly analysis of the news coming out of the Vatican, with the main focus on the most recent controversy regarding Cardinal Pell and his handling of the reform of Vatican finances.

He gives a very good analysis of the various forces at play in how one might interpret the Cardinal’s performance through different lenses.

On the story of the allegedly stolen books, Allen seems to take a “nothing to see here, move along” approach, quoting the Vatican spokesman saying the books were all delivered and one participant even received two copies.   I think the crux of the allegations is that yes, the books were delivered to the mailboxes, but removed from them before most synod fathers could retrieve them.   If that is the case—and I hope there is a criminal investigation into this—that’s like my neighbor coming to my unlocked mailbox and removing a parcel from it.

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