Good message from The New Liturgical Movement website

This is a beautiful message from The New Liturgical Movement website, my emphases:


In an age of such great confusion as ours, characterized by an astonishing ignorance of tradition, a self-destructive contempt for the past, a modern theology of accommodationism at every level, and an unbounded hubris that dares to lay hands on what is most sacred and change it at whim, it can be extremely difficult to maintain one’s interior peace and remain a peacemaker, with a charitable attitude at all times towards all men, especially those of the household of the Faith. We who dearly love the sacred liturgy, a most special gift of the Heart of Christ, will have to struggle with this challenge all our lives, but it is our way of participating in His Passion, and there is a Resurrection at the end of it—both in time, as our Lord mercifully restores His Church here and there, and in eternity, where the Church in her heavenly perfection is altogether holy, without spot or wrinkle or blemish.

Meanwhile, in this vale of tears, ignorance is not bliss; ignorance will prevent a lot of souls from seeking or achieving perfection (of any degree). Rather, we need to pray for wisdom to know what is best, that we may see everything else in its light, and for charity, that our knowledge—as well as our sufferings—may be infused with love, especially for those who, through no fault of their own, are skimming the surface of the Christian mystery rather than being immersed in it.Miserere nostri, Domine, quia peccavimus tibi.


I am so, so grateful for our Anglican Ordinariate Divine Worship, which provides a bridge between the Ordinary Form and the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Mass and an interpretive key for those unfamiliar with Latin beyond the year in junior high I was forced to take.

“Infused with love” —something to remember and take to heart.


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1 Response to Good message from The New Liturgical Movement website

  1. Macy says:

    A very welcomed good message. Thanks for sharing.

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