Crescat receives apology from priest and regrets posting first

I confess I was one of those who jumped on the bandwagon and re-posted the Crescats original story about how a priest refused to give her Communion on the tongue at her grandmother’s funeral.  But I subsequently regretted it.  And now I see the Crescat regrets not approaching the priest first before posting her widely read blog. She writes her emphases):

I received a very gracious response from the parish priest who celebrated my Abuela’s funeral mass and I wish to clearly state that I am completely satisfied with his reply and apology. There are still some things that I think need to be addressed but I am confident that they will get handled appropriately.

Reactions to my post have varied widely. Some praising me for exposing what happened, others admonishing me for publicly airing a bit of personal business that should have been addressed privately. Both reactions are right.

Reactions and questions I have received so far:

Did I thoughtlessly post in anger?

No. The post was written on the 10th and published on the 11th. My grandmother’s funeral was the 9th. I intentionally made a point to wait and let my anger subside before sharing what happened. No, I do not believe I posted in anger. Instead I posted in sorrow – still probably not the best state of mind to be addressing such a painful recounting.

Did I write the priest and ask for his side of the story? Did I make any attempts to contact him and privately express my hurt?

Yes. But not right away. Unfortunately I posted here first, then wrote him a full day later. It should have been the other way around. It should always be the other way around.

What helped wake me up from my jumping on the mob blog bandwagon was a remark by a priest friend on Facebook saying, “This is awful.”

And kaboom! I realized, yes, it is awful.  Do unto others what you would have them to unto you, right?   Would you like to have yourself publicly shamed by an army of bloggers for a lapse in judgment, a stupid Tweet, a publicly venting that does not represent your true views on things?  I really do not like public shaming.  I really do not like “tattletale” approaches either, than mine peoples’ tweets, Facebook or blog accounts or historical speeches in order to find ammunition to hurt them in their employment or place of work.

Yes, we should all be prudent in what we write or say, but let’s all think hard and carefully how we would like to be treated if we had a bad day and vented or reacted negatively when it would have been better not to.

Crescat writes:  “Unfortunately I posted here first, then wrote him a full day later. It should have been the other way around. It should always be the other way around.”


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