Rod Drehrer on the the “Unraveling of the Common Good.”

Great essay.  Here’s a salient excerpt that refers to the recent rioting in Baltimore and the Supreme Court’s hearings on whether “equal” marriage is a constitutional right:

This is why what is happening in Baltimore is linked to what is happening on Capitol Hill at the Supreme Court today. America in 2015 is a culture that defines the good as whatever the individual says it is. Justice Kennedy himself told us so inPlanned Parenthood vs. Casey (“At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life”). I was trying to explain to my kids on the drive into the city late this morning what is at stake in the gay marriage arguments, and I said that it has to do with what is the meaning of marriage, and what is the meaning of the human person. In the end, I said, it comes down to whether or not there is a standard of truth outside of ourselves to which we must conform, or whether or not the body and the world of matter is inert material upon which we can impose our will.

So it comes down more or less to the same arguments that pitted the Scholastics against the Nominalists seven centuries ago. The end game is the evaporation of Christianity as anything more than therapeutic sentimentality. We’re living through this now.

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1 Response to Rod Drehrer on the the “Unraveling of the Common Good.”

  1. Joe Mroz says:

    Yes, but.. This would only be an endgame for Christianity if Christianity were the same as the American state. Since it’s not, a Christian must believe that the Church will survive and continue to fulfill Her mandate as She has on the past in states that were not Christian.

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