Meeting Pope Francis

On May 8, I met Pope Francis after attending Mass at Casa Santa Marta.  I am so thankful for having had this opportunity and I will never forget the way he looked at me as I approached him.  He put me right at ease.

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Here’s a link to the Rome Reports’ story on the Mass with some highlights from his homily.

I gave the Holy Father a prayer card that shows a stained glass window from Blessed Sacrament Parish in Ottawa on one side, and on the other a Prayer to the Holy Spirit inspired by Pope Francis composed by my spiritual director Fr. Francis Donnelly, based on Evangelii Gaudium.



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One Response to Meeting Pope Francis

  1. Can you post the text of the prayer, Deb. I would like to add it to our Pentecost Novena starting on Saturday. You are welcome to join us as we pray for those to be received into full communion on Pentecost Sunday and a for vocations in the POCSP. You and the Holy Father look like long lost friends! Blessings.

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