” ….a total hassle, man” —Matt Walsh on why Christianity is dying in America

This is a great, must-read post, especially for those Catholics who think introducing the hippest praise music and parading around with a microphone during a homily and using lots of pop culture references are the way to get lost sheep to come to Church and stay there.   Matt Walsh over at the Blaze is writing about the plight of all Christian denominations in the United States.  (H/T  Rod Dreher at the American Conservative.)

Yet many of our fearless leaders, pastors, and pundits think this is, rather than the disease, the remedy. It’s the same remedy they’ve tried for half a century. As the problem gets worse, they don’t change the medication, they just keep upping the dosage. They tell us that in order to bring the sheep into the fold — especially the millennial sheep — Christianity must be as un-Christian as possible. It must be stripped it of its truth, of its sacredness, of its sacrifice, of its morality, of its tradition, of its history, of its hardships, of its joy, and whatever is left will be enough to, if not engage and excite people, at least not scare them away.

And that’s been the strategy of the American church for decades: just try not to scare people. They put on this milquetoast, tedious, effeminate charade, feigning hipness and relevance, aping secular culture in a manner about as cool and current as your science teacher retelling a Dane Cook joke from nine years ago, and then furrow their brows and shake their heads in bewilderment when everyone gets bored and walks away.

Christianity is fading because more and more of our leaders want to steal people from the true faith and deliver them to this convenient version. But that isn’t what actual Christians want, and the Christians who do, only want it because it doesn’t much resemble Christianity at all. Those folks eventually figure out that the only thing more secular than Christian secularism is secular secularism, and there’s really no reason to choose the former over the latter. The transition from Convenientism to agnosticism continues unabated.

There are still plenty of Christians who desire the true faith, but they are mostly ignored or scolded by the very people who should be leading them. And the Convenientists, of course, find no happiness in their secular Christianity, nor do they find it in secular secularism. Even if they don’t know it, they yearn in the pit of their souls for the true message of Christ, but they rarely hear it. And when they do hear it, there are a million competing voices, many from inside the church, warning them that if they go down this road it might involve changing their behavior and their lifestyle, which is a total hassle, man.

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2 Responses to ” ….a total hassle, man” —Matt Walsh on why Christianity is dying in America

  1. joseph says:

    The Second Vatican Council was an attack on Christianity. It all leads back to there. All of the changes, all of the stupid, emanates from it.

    • Rev22:17 says:


      You wrote: The Second Vatican Council was an attack on Christianity. It all leads back to there. All of the changes, all of the stupid, emanates from it.

      From a Catholic perspective, this statement is pure heresy that rejects the doctrinal authority of the magisterium of the Catholic Church.

      I will grant you that there were more than a few clergy who instituted unauthorized changes on their own initiative and wrongly attributed those changes to the Second Vatican Council.

      I will grant you that the manner of implementation in many parishes of the liturgical reforms directed by the magisterium in the wake of the Second Vatican Council was grossly deficient.

      I will grant you that shoddy liturgy persists in many parishes today — but then the celebration of the Tridentine liturgy in many parishes before and during the Second Vatican Council also was pretty shoddy.

      I will grant you that, for various reasons, many of the reforms directed by the Second Vatican Council still are not fully implemented, and that there is still an urgent need for them.

      But the stubborn fact remains that the Second Vatican Council was an assembly of the full magisterium of the Catholic Church, legitimately convened as an Ecumenical Council by Pope John XXIII and reconvened as an ecumenical council by Pope Paul VI following the death of Pope John XXIII. As such, it holds full authority over matters of doctrine and discipline of the Catholic Church, and its doctrinal decrees, the apostolic constitutions Lumen gentium on the church and Dei verbum on divine revelation, are intrinsically infallible. No member of the Catholic Church can hold otherwise.


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