Cardinal Burke in Ottawa

Here’s a link to my article about Cardinal Raymond Burke’s  visit to Ottawa last week.

Cardinal Raymond Burke visited Ottawa June 2 to speak at the June 4 20th anniversary gala of NET Canada (National Evangelization Teams).

On June 3, the Cardinal Patron of the Sovereign Order of Malta, and until late last year the highest-ranking American cardinal in the Roman Curia, attended Question Period. When House Speaker Andrew Scheer acknowledged the cardinal’s presence in the gallery, Members of Parliament on both sides of the House rose to give him a standing ovation.

Later that day, however, NDP MP Pierre Dionne LaBelle, from Quebec, the Official Opposition National Revenue critic, protested to the Speaker, saying the cardinal “is known for spreading homophobia and for his anti-gay campaigns.”

The visit was also protested by Father Andre Samson, a professor at the University of Ottawa, who said as a gay man and Ottawa priest he was upset by the visit.

Cardinal Burke has often been criticized for his liturgical dress because from time to time he celebrates the Traditional Latin Mass, wearing traditional vestments which sometimes have lace, and wearing the cappa magna. This is the metres-long red cape meant to signify the willingness of a cardinal to shed his blood for Christ and His Church.

During last October’s extraordinary synod on the family, Cardinal Burke emerged as the most outspoken opponent of the synod’s midterm relatio, an interim report on the discussion, that news media painted as a pastoral “earthquake” because of its welcoming language towards homosexuals and homosexual unions.

Though the cardinal did not give interviews while in Ottawa, he has said of the midterm relatio: “That was not a relatio; it was a manifesto.”

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