The Anglican Use Society has a new name!

Not long ago, I was named to the Board of the Anglican Use Society and no sooner did I become a member, we launched into a debate about changing the name.

Some of the reasons for the name-change—Anglican Use seemed to be referring to a form of liturgy or rite; the society has gone international and in England and the United Kingdom there is apparently an aversion to using the word “Anglican.”

So a lively debate ensured via email, with some Latin names among the many being proposed.  As someone who wishes to resist the Latinization of the Ordinariate  (we have enough work to do with unpacking and sharing the treasures of our Anglican patrimony and heritage) I said the only Latin name I would agree with was “Anglicanorum Coetibus Society.”

Well, ta da, drum roll, that is now the new name of the Society.

Our president Steve Cavanaugh put this update up at our website:

New Name for the Society & Announcement of Annual Meeting
In order to reflect its expanded mission, the Board has voted to change the name of the society to the “Anglicanorum Coetibus Society”. For the present, our web site and bank accounts will continue the “Anglican Use” name, so any donations to the Society should be made out to “Anglican Use Society”.

Another change we have made is to drop the requirement for dues. Instead, we encourage all members to make a donation to the Society in support of its mission. Donations may be made at the time of membership application or renewal, or at any time by check or at this site via our PayPal account. We encourage all members to renew their membership using the renewal form on our site so we may update our records, and for all interested persons to join the Society using the membership form.

And further down in the post:

New Board Members Appointed
At its board meeting on June 15, 2015, the Board amended the by-laws to allow up to 15 members on the Board of Directors. Invitations were issued subsequent to the meeting and we are pleased to announce that the following have agreed to join the AUS Board to assist us in our renewal and extension of service to the Ordinariates. The four new members are:

  • Ms. Deborah Gyapong, journalist from Ottawa, Canada who blogs at “Foolishness to the World”;
  • Professor Hans-Jürgen Feulner, author, lecturer and professor of liturgics at the University of Vienna and member of the Anglicanae Traditiones commission;
  • Mr. David Murphy, webmaster of the Ordinariate Expats blog.
  • Ms. Antonia Lynn, a former deacon in the Church of England, who is a frequent contributor to The Portal, magazine, and who blogs at The Love That Moves the Sun.
New President and Board Member of the AUS
At its board meeting on May 11, 2015, the Board of Directors accepted the resignations of long-time board members Margaret Pichon and Joseph Blake, and appointed Steve Cavanaugh and Dr. William Tighe in their stead. The Board then elected Steve Cavanaugh as president of the AUS. The Board of Directors would like to thank both Margaret and Joe for their many years of service and dedication to the Pastoral Provision and Ordinariate communities.

Actually, my personal preference would have been Anglican Heritage Society or Anglican Patrimony Society or even to keep the name Anglican Use Society so as not to seem to exclude those who are not Ordinariate members or Roman Catholics.  All Anglicans and others who are interested in Anglican patrimony are, of course, not excluded but most welcome to our project.

We arrived at the name through a ballot in which we ranked our preferences for about 15 or 17 proposed names.

I hope you’ll consider joining!

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2 Responses to The Anglican Use Society has a new name!

  1. Bro says:

    Congratulations on your appointment to the Board.

  2. EPMS says:

    It seems one thing to refer to “Anglican Patrimony”—the customs or artifacts or spiritual approaches which people who used to be Anglicans might wish to retain from their past. “Anglican Use” on the other hand implies something that continues to be Anglican, which is clearly impossible and further, potentially offensive to Anglicans who, presumably, regard it as their “brand”. If I once worked for Apple and move on to apply my skills at another company I can forget about calling my new robotic dog the iPooch. I’d be sued.

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