This is an excellent exhortation against division

As we approach the synod on the family in October, it is time to stop the friendly fire among Catholic factions in the Church.

It’s always time to stop, but now it’s more important than ever, so that together we can implore heaven for supernatural faith for ourselves, for the Holy Spirit to lead the bishops attending the upcoming synod on the family (and for them to yield to Him) and for Pope Francis, that he would yield to the charism of the Successor of Peter to defend the Catholic faith as handed down from the Apostles.

 This post by Steve Skojec at OnePeterFive is a great exhortation against division and I encourage you to read the whole thing.

Here’s an excerpt:

I have seen in recent weeks a growing spirit of division among those who should be united under Christ’s banner. Like tendrils of smoke, the enemy sows doubt and discord, delicately enough that we do not notice. We distract ourselves with arguments that do not pertain to the evil before us. We find that the faults of others with whom we are aligned have become sufficiently exaggerated that we are agitated. And some of our fellows, with whom we should be standing against the coming charge, have even turned and set upon the members of our ranks.

I have become convinced that these sorts of events, which I see growing in frequency, are in fact the fruit of a campaign of spiritual warfare — intentional distractions and provocations — designed to blunt our effectiveness, to dull our awareness, and to drain our energy. Beware the Divider, already in our midst, who seduces us into thinking that our cause is more just, our judgments more correct, our methods more praiseworthy. Look for the signs of this deception in your own life during these troubled times. Be on guard against the conflict and bitterness and gossip and futile arguments and judgments made on those who agree with you on the important things – judgments that they are not worthy enough, not Catholic enough, not committed enough to the cause. Root them out. Pray more. Plead with God for wisdom and guidance. Do not do work in the service of the cause without first making supplication that the Holy Spirit work through you, committing all things to Our Lord through prayer.


We will win not a single victory if God is not on our side. We must remember to always humble ourselves, asking only to be His instruments for His glory, not to use Him — and the work we believe we’re doing for Him — as a means to our own aggrandizement. It can happen to any of us. If the enemy has his way, it will happen to all of us.

This is excellent advice.  Thank you, Steve Skojec.

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