Some utter foolishness from Fr. James Schall

Over at The Catholic Thing, Fr. James V. Schall, SJ, meditates on the role of Creation and man’s role.   He writes:

The old Marxists, good Epicureans that they were, used to complain that concern with supernatural life was an impediment to our concentrating on this life. The energy devoted to useless things like worship and doctrine, they thought, was better spent working at something useful. With everyone diligently laboring, we could produce a really good earth.


Things like globalization, ecology, international government, and population control thus become objects of intense political concern. Mankind’s task becomes one of figuring out, on the basis of what we now know, what we can plan for in the distant future. We have the option of keeping a few people alive for a large number of millennia or causing the deaths of millions by using things on a short-term basis. Logically, there is not much difference between these views. It’s just a question of how many and when.


This “saving one’s soul” is a red flag for many who are committed to a save-the-earth-first philosophy, a view that subordinates man to cosmic and human forces, not vice versa.

Briefly, Christ came to save us from our sins, not to keep us floundering around forever in this world.

The wisdom of God is truly foolishness to the world.


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