The episcopal ordination of Bishop Scott McCaig

Bishop Scott McCaig, who was ordained Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of Canada on May 31, has a special place in the hearts of the people at Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Ottawa.

Here’s a link to the ordination at Notre Dame Cathedral last night, produced by Salt and Light TV, Canada’s Catholic television network.  The pictures show Bishop Scott with Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast who ordained him; the two bishops with Ottawa Auxiliary Bishop Christian Riesbeck, the first Companion of the Cross to be ordained a bishop two years ago.  And the other photo shows our former rector from Annunciation, Fr. Carl Reid, who is now serving our Ordinariate parish in  Victoria, B.C.  I am with our cantor Michael Trolly and one of our church family members Peter Toumine.

Here is the beautifully-produced video of the ordination.

Bishop Scott was the Moderator or General Superior of the Companions of the Cross, a charismatic order of priests founded 30 years ago or so by the late Fr. Bob Bedard.  When our parish family entered the Catholic Church in 2012, we had a period of about a year when we had no priests of our own, as our former clergy had to lay aside their priestly collars and their very identity as priests until the time they were ordained Catholic priests.

During the period of preparation for our entry into the Catholic Church, Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast assigned another Companions priest, Fr. Francis Donnelly, to be our mentor-priest, guiding us while we did our catechesis to become Catholic.  Fr. Francis also came on Sundays after he had fulfilled his responsibilities celebrating Sunday Masses at the Roman Catholic parish where he’s assigned.  On the Sundays he couldn’t make it, he would ask one of his brother Companions to come celebrate Mass for us.

Bishop Scott McCaig came frequently.  All of them celebrated our then Anglican Use liturgy with such reverence and treated our tiny community with amazing love.  Bishop Scott loved our liturgy so much, he even sought permission from Msgr. Steenson to celebrate it.   And when our Divine Worship the Missal was published, he ordered a copy.

Our priests developed such a close relationship with the Companions they are all associate members.  Fr. Carl Reid even flew in from Victoria, B.C. for the ordination.

So, it was a joyous time for Ottawa, for Canada and all the military personnel the Military Ordinariate serves and an especially joyous time for us at Annunciation to see this wonderful priest be ordained a Successor to the Apostles.

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    *THANK you so much for the E.mail. What a wonderful help you have had from the priests in your area. The Companions of the Cross, they must be wonderful priests, I think I know how you feel about them, as I lived in a parish in Canberra, Australia, St. Benedicts, Narrabundah, that was under the care of The Missionaries of Gods Love, a Charismatic Order of priests founded several years ago by Fr. Ken BARKER MGL. It was just such a wonderful experience to be a member of that parish, The M G L priests brothers and nuns were just wonderful. I was very sad to leave that parish to move up here to sunny Queensland, Australia. God Bless, Bill H.*

    On Thu, Jun 2, 2016 at 6:32 AM, Foolishness to the world wrote:

    > Foolishness posted: ” > > Bishop Scott McCaig, who was ordained Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of > Canada on May 31, has a special place in the hearts of the people at > Annunciation of the Bless” >

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