Some prayers based on Pope Francis’ text

The other day I posted a text of Pope Francis’ third speech to priests in Rome and printed off the text to see what the Holy Spirit might be saying to me through him.

I highlighted the printed copy while sitting in a nearby church and reworded parts to make them into prayers.

  1.  Help me, LORD, to see through the eyes of Mary, Our Lady, so I can find “the wine that is lacking” and “do whatever Jesus tells me.”
  2. Help me to see from afar with the merciful eyes of Jesus those who have fallen by the wayside
  3. Help me to be willing to accept the pang of losing a part of my life because rather than doing what I wanted to do, I reached out to help someone else.
  4. Let me allow myself to be shown God’s mercy in every aspect of my life and in turn to show God’s mercy to others in everything I do.
  5. Help me to see needs and bring immediate relief and also to anticipate needs
  6. Help me to extend your mercy so people know I understand their suffering
  7. Help me to have mercy that values goodness and opens the door for an encounter with Christ rather than to turn people away with sharp criticism
  8. Help me to say a free “No” to the deep-rooted sin in my life, and, please walk with me Jesus, so I am free to sin no more
  9. Help me, LORD, not to get in the way of your Holy Spirit
  10. Help me, Jesus, to be more like you, deeply moved by the sight of people and their problems. Help me to love them and pray for them and help them find freedom even when they don’t know how to approach You properly.
  11. Help me never to judge cases but to always be sensitive to faces, to persons
  12. Help me, Dear Jesus, to find the merciful love that covers sin with its cloak so I do not wound a person’s dignity






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2 Responses to Some prayers based on Pope Francis’ text

  1. ANOMYMOUS says:

    No.13. Help me Jesus to endure the pain I am suffering, so I can offer it up for the times I have not loved you in my life.

  2. Stephen K says:

    A moving, spiritual post, Deborah. Your 12 prayers resonate with me.

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