Some great Victor Davis Hanson

I have for the most part lost interest in the American presidential election, but every now and then I read a column or listen to a podcast worth reading and listening to about the Trump phenomenon.

Here is Victor Davis Hanson on the John Batchelor program.

And here’s a column entitled: Class, Trump, and the Election

Why the NeverTrump movement has so far failed is in part a matter of class as well, defined not so much in terms of cash, as of influence, education, and lifestyle. In 2008 it was gauche to bring up the vicious racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose trite cast-off slogan “audacity of hope” inspired the title of Barack Obama’s campaign primer. In 2012, it would have apparently been rude for Mitt Romney to have fired back at Candy Crowley, “How dare you hijack a presidential debate!” Yes, Trump may be creepy, but the reluctance to challenge our present naked emperors is just as creepy. Is the so-called establishment going to warn us that Trump would be capable of running up $10 trillion in debt, socializing our medical system, unleashing the IRS and EPA on perceived enemies, and weakening friends and empowering enemies abroad, as he offers the world historically challenged pop riffs on Islam, Hiroshima, and global geography? For each take-down of NeverTrump, can we at least have commensurate analysis of how and why a monstrosity like the Clinton cash operation was allowed to thrive without audit; or how it is that the secretary of state and her minions snubbed the law and behaved in a fashion that would have put any other federal employees in jail; or how it is that 155 years after the start of the Civil War over 300 cities, counties, and states have declared federal law null and void in their jurisdictions — and with complete impunity?

H/t FiveFeetofFury

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One Response to Some great Victor Davis Hanson

  1. EPMS says:

    The accounts of Trump’s appearance at the Faith and Freedom Coalition today, where Evangelical leaders cheered the thrice-married former casino entrepreneur’s denunciation of Hillary Clinton’s call to admit more refugees, were pretty depressing. I think your decision to turn your attention elsewhere is wise.

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