Pope Francis explains his approach

Ines San Martin has an interesting article over at Crux about a recent Q & A with Pope Francis at a conference in the Rome diocese.

Here’s an excerpt, with my emphases:

The pope said that Catholics can’t analyze situations or pray as if living on different paths, “as if we were out of history.” He said that everyone needs to be converted, “we all have to say with the tax collector: my God, have mercy on me.”

Francis then spoke of the need to observe situations with the emphasis on mercy, which allows to see things through “the realism of God.”

The realism of the Gospel, Francis said, “has no comparison.” It doesn’t offer a mere description of situations or problems, “even less so of sin,” but goes beyond, “seeing in each face, each story, each situation, an opportunity.”

“The realism of the Gospel focuses in the other, the others, and doesn’t turn the ideal or the ‘should be’ and obstacle to encounter others in their realities,” he said.

However, this focus on mercy doesn’t mean “not being clear in the doctrine”, but to avoid falling into judgments and attitudes that don’t consider the complexity of life.

Sometimes I think I get him.  Other days, not so much.


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1 Response to Pope Francis explains his approach

  1. ANOMYMOUS says:

    ALL the while Pope Francis is talking mercy compassion, love, not being caught up in laws, rules and regulations, etc etc. Meanwhile the C D F continues to tell us “to toe the line”. Thank God for Micah:— 6:8.

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