Fr James Schall looks at Orlando in the light of Islam’s history

A sober reflection in the aftermath of Orlando over a Catholic World Report by Fr. James Schall.

Here is an excerpt but please go read the whole thing:

Orlando—like San Bernardino, Fort Hood, the Spanish trains, the Paris concert hall, and the Mumbai hotel—will soon be forgotten or minimized in the light of ever new events of the same order. Radical Islam is now a two-pronged force: the ISIS side and the Muslim Brotherhood side. Both have the same goal. The first relies on more direct military and terrorist methods. The latter does not shun these means but finds that more effective ways to gain control is through the shrewd use of democratic methods themselves. Both are aware of the demographics that Islam has over cultures that have been breeding themselves out of existence. This decline in willingness even to have children in any significant numbers is not the result of Muslim thought which, in its odd way with multiple wives, is pro-natal, however disordered a polygamous family may be for men, women, and their children. In this sense, numbers count. Islamic thinkers have every right to expect that numbers are in their favor. Several European countries can expect to be Muslim in ten to thirty years.

Aristotle had already said that large changes in population and culture would transform any existing regime into something else. The American regime, in particular, has doggedly maintained that it could welcome any one into its country. It took this position on the assumption that certain basic ideas about human nature were agreed on. Most of the immigrants, until recent years, came from the same broad European Christian culture that had much in common. It was not until the twenty-first century that its political culture decided that there was no human nature to agree about and that religion was not relevant.

Everyone had a “right” to his own view of the cosmos. The effects of this relativism are straight-forward. All individuals and institutions must accept the principle of relativism to continue in the public order. What is unique about Islam is that it has been able to use the principles of relativism to secure a place within the legal world that has no means to reject it other than to call it “terrorism”. But in a relativist world, even terrorism has a theoretic place. If there are no real standards, it is difficult to see on what grounds it can be excluded.

This is so, so true!   When religious freedom becomes sheer relativism and there is no reference whatsoever to truth, principles, and the common good, then the West becomes helpless against a pernicious political ideology every bit as dangerous as National Socialism or Communism.

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3 Responses to Fr James Schall looks at Orlando in the light of Islam’s history

  1. Stephen K says:

    With respect, Fr Schall seems to have assumed what is not demonstrated, namely, that the mere fact of having children will perpetuate one’s own cultural preferences. Indeed, in the West, raw numbers aside, the facts would appear to show that, on the whole, children have not carried on the same faith or religious allegiances, no matter how earnest the parents.

    There is a significant flaw or two in the ‘have babies for the Church’ programme: firstly, it assumes that the merit of the ideas in the tradition or culture don’t matter considered of themselves and that it is simply a question of victory by cloning – something that is not evidenced by the widespread abandonment of some or many traditional ideas or customs; and secondly, it appears to rest on the dubious foundation that cultural victory by cloning, by sheer numbers, serves the Christian call to free individual conversion of heart. Such a programme, such a strategy, appears to be, translated: “bring on, ye Muslim hordes, your hundreds! We will match you with our thousands!” I wonder what Jesus would have thought of such a challenge?

  2. jeff g. says:

    Great quotes. Relativism is out of control for Christians. Catholics especially, I think

    Look at how many “Catholic’ churches are becoming mosques part-time in the US:

    Why isn’t this discussed more by Catholics, Anglicans, and Christians in general? It’s unbelievable!

  3. Bradley Laing says:

    I think ISIS is part of a mindless civil war in Syria, and in the end, all the ISIS leadership will get for their trouble is an international tribunal and 30 years to write self-serving memoirs in their prison cells.

    The Muslim Brotherhood might get something else, I admit. But the ISIS leaders should start shopping book editors.

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