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John Allen Jr on the Italian essence of the Vatican

Most interesting. Especially this: Anglo-Saxons believe laws ought to describe what people actually do. If we adopt a 55 mph speed limit, for instance, we expect people to comply; if they don’t, the appropriate response is either to launch a … Continue reading

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News of our friends Charles Coulombe and Fr Andrew Bartus

A Rorate-Caeli reader writes at that blog: This is a picture from Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church at 6610 W. Sunset Blvd., in the heart of Hollywood, where last night I attended a memorial Requiem Mass for the soul of Mr. Guy Coulombe, father … Continue reading

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Phil Lawler responds to Jody Bottum

Best response I’ve seen yet.  BTW, do go read Bottum’s essay. Look at Bottum at his best, then. In Commonweal he argues persuasively that today’s Americans—young Americans especially—do not find the Catholic case against same-sex marriage persuasive because they do not accept … Continue reading

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Ross Douthat on Joseph Bottum’s essay

Douthat writes in the New York Times: Finally, I think it helps explains where Bottum’s wandering, complicated essay is coming from, at least in part. Its author has never been a zealous culture warrior or an eager political scrapper; as … Continue reading

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Three church services on Sunday

On Sunday I skipped my usual attendance at the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary because a friend who is also a member there wanted to hear a Messianic Jewish speaker who was guest-preaching at Ottawa’s most well-known megachurch, the … Continue reading

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Catholics and Megachurches

Former Anglican now Catholic apologist Taylor Marshall has an interesting couple of posts about why Catholics are attracted to megachurches and what to do to woo them back. Here are some excerpts: I was at the bank and somehow I … Continue reading

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The Anchoress comes to the defense of Joseph Bottum

Our society is obviously not properly ordered. It’s so far from being properly ordered, in fact, that I doubt Aquinas or Aristotle would even believe such a society could exist. Nearly half of us were raised in broken homes. More … Continue reading

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Article about Beverly, Massachusetts Ordinariate group

In the Boston Globe: Before Mass on a recent Sunday, the Rev. Jurgen Liias stood in a cramped sacristy of a Catholic church with an acolyte and cantor and began a call-and-response prayer of preparation. Incense smoldered. The men thumped … Continue reading

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So, what do you think of the Joseph Bottum capitulation?

Here’s what at First Things Matthew J. Franck has to say with links to Bottum’s article in Commonweal and the New York Times’ follow up: Joseph Bottum, once the editor of this magazine, has unburdened himself of a change of … Continue reading

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Fr Denis Lemieux on clericalism

The Madonna House priest writes: So what is this thing, clericalism? It’s a bit hard to define, although like the judge in the obscenity case, I can say that “I know it when I see it.” Clericalism is not showing … Continue reading

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