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If you’re in Toronto next Sunday

This showed up on my Facebook newsfeed. St. Thomas More, Anglican Use of the Catholic Church, Toronto FR. LEE KENYON, DEAN OF CSP ORDINARATE (Canada) WILL CELEBRATE MASS, SUNDAY, JULY 7 with STM. Our first visit by the Dean of … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s frustrations used to a good end

Yesterday, I went to the annual general meeting of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul National Conference taking place on the University of Ottawa campus. I had trouble finding parking, got partially soaked in the rain trying to find … Continue reading

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Father Z live blogs a talk by Msgr. Andrew Burnham delivered by Msgr. Keith Newton in Rome

The days begins. We are about to have a talk by Msgr. Newton of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, for former Anglicans. He is reading a paper for Msgr. Andrew Burnham. Newton is explaining that, while they are … Continue reading

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How to best share Ordinariate news

We have quite a discussion going elsewhere on this blog on the difficulty in finding Ordinariate news in one place and how we might create a better clearinghouse for new information. A  lot of the latest news has now migrated … Continue reading

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Interesting article about C.S. Lewis

Here’s a most interesting article by Anthony Kenny about C. S. Lewis that includes some rather disturbing details about his personal life and habits.  (h/t FiveFeetofFury) Also, some comments about Lewis’ value as an apologist for today: Fifty years after … Continue reading

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Gossip and detraction and the power of intercession

In my Rosary devotions, one of the areas of sin in my life that I am making a concerted effort to overcome is in the area of gossip and detraction. Which brings me to this devotional of Oswald Chambers’ on … Continue reading

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Link to information about the New Brunswick group

You can find it here on Facebook. The newly-received Anglican Use Catholics include the former Canon Richard Harris and his wife Maggie, famous for her Maggie’s Kitchen column in the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada newsletter.   With them in … Continue reading

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Welcome new Anglican Use Catholics in Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Accommodating Islam in Bible translations

Just came across this over at American Thinker: Recently, Christian Bible translators considered changes that would make Christian scriptures more palatable to Muslim audiences. Instead of “in the name of the Father,” they put forth the phrase “in the name … Continue reading

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Enlightenment illiberalism, pluralism and Islamism

My friend Iain Benson has engaged in a public debate with University of Western Ontario’s Salim Mansur. Mansur is popular among those who want to stop the encroachment of both Islamism and political correctness on the Enlightenment principles undergirding democracy. … Continue reading

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