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Bishop Nazir-Ali on the Ordinariates

Mary Ann Mueller writes: The Church of England bishop sees the Anglican Ordinariates as a two-edged sword. First, he notes that finally at the highest level, the Church of Rome has recognized the validity of the Anglican Patrimony and a … Continue reading

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Pope on the plane

Here are some excerpts from CNS’s Rome correspondent Cindy Wooden about the Pope’s 80 minute q&a with journalists aboard the plane from Rio back to Rome. ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT FROM BRAZIL – Pope Francis said he was responding to … Continue reading

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Response to the “Mad Trad” post

So what do you think of this response from The Remnant Newspaper’s Christopher A. Ferrera on Catholic Answer’s “Mad Trad” program: In the midst of the post-conciliar neo-Modernist invasion of the Church, why did an organization that calls itself Catholic … Continue reading

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The Mad-Trads —- Do you know any of these people?

From Patrick Coffin: What is a Mad-Trad? Well, if you accept the norms of the Second Vatican Council, to a Mad-Trad you’re a “Neo-Catholic,” a misguided liberal; you know, like Mother Angelica and Blessed John Paul II.   The main Mad-Trad hobbyhorse … Continue reading

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Filling the information vacuum

Catholic Left has assembled some unofficial lists of Ordinariate of St. Peter (COSP) clergy, parishes or groups, and those parishes and groups that had been expected to come in to the Ordinariate but have not. The parish list does not … Continue reading

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Complete text of Archbishop Welby’s talk

You can find the new Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s address at the General Synod here.   Some excerpts of stuff I like. The Quinquennial goals aim at spiritual and numerical growth in the church. That includes evangelism, the third … Continue reading

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The ABC on the sexual revolution

I am going to have to read the whole text, but this is troubling: In his most widely anticipated address since taking over the leadership of the Church, the Most Rev Justin Welby insisted that it was now “absurd and … Continue reading

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Damian Thompson on the “spooky” similarity of Pope Francis and the new ABC

Damian Thompson writes: The similarities between Archbishop Welby and Pope Francis are almost spooky — once you get past the fact that one is an Old Etonian evangelical Protestant and the other a South American Jesuit who prays in front … Continue reading

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Change in Anglicanorum coetibus Complementary Norms

Amendment to Apostolic Constitution Complementary Norms Emphasizes Mission to Evangelize We recently received some very good news from Rome that our Holy Father, Pope Francis, approved on May 31, 2013, a significant modification to the Complementary Norms for Apostolic Constitution, Anglicanorum … Continue reading

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Also from the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter site

Here is the abstract from Mgr Burnham’s paper, delivered by the Ordinary in Rome this morning [last week]:  Since Anglicanorum Cœtibus (2009) speaks of the Anglican ‘liturgical books’, we examine the Communion Order in Cranmer’s Second Prayer Book as revealing his … Continue reading

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