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Excerpts from the minutes of the historic 2007 College of Bishops meeting in Portsmouth

The College of Bishops meeting ran from Monday Oct.  , 2007 until  Oct.   , 2007 The Traditional Anglican Communion’s Portsmouth Petition was dated Oct. 5, 2007 and hand-delivered to the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith on Oct. … Continue reading

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Our local Ottawa former clergy with Msgr Steenson

Barbara Reid took these photos last Sunday at the foot of the steps after Mass last Sunday, Sept. 23. The first shows former Bishop Carl Reid, [Fr.] Doug Hayman of Spencerville, [Fr.] Kipling Cooper of Barrhaven and Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson, … Continue reading

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Report on Msgr. Steenson’s meeting with Ordinariate-bound groups in Toronto last weekend

Peregrinus has a lengthy report.  This is an excerpt: 1. Membership Individuals in each small sodality (associations of Oridinariate-bound Catholics in the Archdiocese of Toronto and the Diocese of Hamilton) will be received into the Ordinariate of the Chair of … Continue reading

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Who was present at St. Agatha’s in 2007?

Here’s a list from the minutes of the College of Bishops’ meeting: PRESENT: Bishops and Vicars-General: The Primate, the Most Reverend John Hepworth; The Chaplain to the Primate, The Reverend Father Richard Talbot; The Primate Emeritus, The Most Reverend Louis … Continue reading

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Our Thurifer posts his inaugural piece in the Catholic Register

I am proud of Zack Candy, our thurifer at Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who I remember as a five year old. Anyway, he is 21 now and quite the budding writers.  Here is his inaugural story in The … Continue reading

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Revisionist history? or wishful thinking on my part?

I have heard from those in Traditional Anglican Communion circles the concern that the TAC is being air-brushed out of the history of the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus.  Yet both Fr. Aidan Nichols and Dr. Bill Tighe have acknowledged its … Continue reading

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The Holy Spirit brings unity and the devil divides and throws up obstacles

Got another response from SMM4, who was at Portsmouth for the historic signing of the 2007 Petition for Unity by the Traditional Anglican Communion College of Bishops on the altar of St. Agatha’s. SMM4 writes: Fr Anthony writes “I was … Continue reading

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Another perspective on what happened at St. Agatha’s in Portsmouth

Interestingly enough, I got a private response as a result of my post  in which  I say about the bishops who have gone on to become Catholic: “I would imagine they remain thankful for Hepworth for having the vision and … Continue reading

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From a comment threat over at Fr. Smuts’ blog

This comment thread over at Fr. Stephen Smuts’ blog is interesting because it gives some insight into the thinking of Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) bishops and lay people who feel betrayed by Archbishop Hepworth and who are trying to justify in … Continue reading

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The Traditional Latin Mass and the Ordinariate

I noticed there’s been another minor blog explosion over at Rorate-Caeli and on Christian Campbell’s new blog Eccentric Bliss about the Ordinary Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson apparently telling a priest of the Ordinariate to no longer celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass … Continue reading

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