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Michael Novak should be invited to the next synod

This is a great post by Michael Novak on married sexuality over at Patheos: (1) Marriage is essentially a lifetime project that only begins on the wedding day. It takes two persons both committed to the hard work of making … Continue reading

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Fr. Denis on closed communion

A good reflection by this Madonna House priest: The whole thing hinges on what (or rather, Who) the Eucharist is, and what we believe happens to us when we receive it (er, Him). The Eucharist is, of course, Jesus substantially … Continue reading

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The motivations of the Hebdo killers

This article has some good analysis and a telling anecdote.   My emphases.  And think back to the Danish cartoons.  Compared to those in Charlie Hebdo they were mild, innocuous even to western sensibilities.   And they were printed in … Continue reading

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John Zmirak and Jason Jones on Charlie Hebdo

The Catholic Thing has a great post by these two: The attack on Charlie Hebdo was an assault on Christendom. Magazines that publish sophomoric cartoons mocking religion are, paradoxically, part of the Body of Christ – if perhaps its lower … Continue reading

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A most interesting Mass

Some great writing in this post: Now that Epiphany has come and gone, the inside of the church is bare bones. But I will not soon forget the Christmas decorations. They consisted mostly of scraggly pine trees arranged freestyle around … Continue reading

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More on Charlie Hebdo

My friend Lea Singh captures in this blog post why I found the criticism of Charlie Hebdo so ill-timed, even cringe-worthy.  She writes:   Charlie Hebdo was no friend of Christians. Their cartoons have shown masturbating nuns and popes wearing … Continue reading

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Fr Paul Nicholson, missionary priest

I’ve known of Fr. Paul Nicholson for quite some time.  He is on social media and regularly posts videos of homilies.  We know some people in common but our paths have never crossed. Yesterday, for the first time, I spoke with … Continue reading

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In honor of the dead at Charlie Hebdo

This medieval drawing of Mohammed (on the right) showing his entrails to Dante and Virgil (on the left) is from one of the earliest surviving illustrated manuscripts of the Inferno, dating from the third quarter of the fourteenth century (1350-1375) … Continue reading

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A most interesting post at Deus ex Machina blog

Deus ex Machina blog has a most interesting, long post on the fascination Pope Francis and others in the Catholic Church have with the charismatic movement. It’s a long post with a number of links and references.  I had posted … Continue reading

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Great interview with Cardinal Burke

At NewEmangelization (h/t Cardinal Burke:  The Church becomes very feminized. Women are wonderful, of course. They respond very naturally to the invitation to be active in the Church. Apart from the priest, the sanctuary has become full of women. … Continue reading

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