Shrove Tuesday pancake supper

IMG_20170228_181638One of our annual traditions at Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is our annual Shrove Tuesday pancake supper.  Both our priests are available for confession all afternoon so we can be “shriven” of our sins before Lent begins, while others are busy downstairs arranging the seating, and preparing the feast.

This year we had so many extra people show up we had to add a couple of extra tables!  We had more than enough food.  In fact, we had so much that we will be having another pancake feast for the breakfast following a Sung Mass for Annunciation.

We are hoping for some special guests to join us.

Some of us are gluten sensitive so, just as I made up some almond flour pancakes for those who are, I will be making them for Saturday, too.


Hmmmm,  can we eat bacon on Annunciation?



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