Overhead in a shopping mall

Yesterday, I slipped into a shopping mall and overheard the following conversation, which gave me such great joy.   It was between a woman in her 60s and a young boy, perhaps five or six.  The boy was thin, with long spindly arms and legs and he wore thick glasses.  He walked a little funny—not sure whether he was prancing a bit or whether he had a physical or neurological problem—sometimes at that age, kids try out different gaits and steps for the fun of it.

The boy was chattering away, as he and his Nana (?) walked down the hallway.

“Would you like a balloon [Grandma, Nana]?”

“No, I don’t want one, but I can get you one if you like,” she said.

The boy thinks for a moment.

“If I get a balloon, I will share it with you!” he said with such love and generosity my heart melted.

Of course I was reminded of my own dear grandson, who wears bifocals, and who might say something similar to his Nana if we were walking together in a shopping mall and I offered to get him a balloon.

But the story makes me think of God’s love for us and how everything we have is from Him, how entirely dependent we are upon Him, yet how it must make his heart rejoice when we offer to share what He has given us with Him.   May we have some spontaneous moments of generosity like this young boy’s that will delight the Father’s heart.

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