An Ordinariate Pilgrimage to Quebec

Fr. John Hodgins, priest for the Toronto Ordinariate Group, has posted about plans for a pilgrimage to Quebec this summer.

Here’s an excerpt. Go on over and read the rest at his site:

My wife and I will be making another pilgrimage to my native province of Quebec this summer to enter the holy door of the cathedral of Quebec, the primatial see of the Church in Canada.

This pilgrimage is on the occasion of the jubilee year celebrating the 350th anniversary of the founding of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Québec, North America’s first Catholic parish north of the Spanish colonies.

The Holy See has granted the parish the special privilege of installing a Holy Door. This door—the first outside Europe and the only one in the Americas—will be the only Holy Door open in 2014.

For those interested in registering for a group pilgrimage or making a virtual visit to the cathedral, see the website:   350th anniversary of Notre Dame de Québec

Interior of Notre-Dame de Québec,

I am applying to Quebec’s new Cardinal Lacroix to have the privilege of saying an Ordinariate Use Mass in the Cathedral (pray for us) and will post D.V. the date in case any of our Canadian, US, British, Aussie or other friends are on pilgrimage this summer.



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