The Pope’s message to Cuba –beautiful

The Pope sent a message to Cuba and Cubans on the eve of his departure to the island nation and the broadcast is up at the Vatican Radio site.

I love this part, my emphases:

In his broadcast the Pope said his message was a very simple one, but he added, an important and necessary one. It is, Pope Francis said, that Jesus loves you so much, Jesus loves you completely.

The Holy Father continued saying that the Lord loves you from the heart.

He knows better than anyone else what everyone needs, what are your longings, what is your deepest desire. He never abandons us, and even when we don’t act as he expects us to, he said, Jesus is always at our side, ready to welcome us, to comfort us, to give us a new hope, a new opportunity, a new life.

Thanking the Cuban people for their prayers in advance of his visit, Pope Francis said he wanted to be with them as a missionary of mercy, adding “let me also encourage you to be missionaries of the infinite love of God.

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