Cardinal Baldisseri announces the synod rules

Over at Vatican Insider, Joshua McElwee reports on a recent news conference in Rome in which Cardinal Baldisseri lays out what will happen in the upcoming synod on the family starting next week.

This is of interest:

Each week will begin with open discussion on a theme and conclude with small group discussions on that theme. The bishops will repeat the cycle for the three weeks of the Synod.

The small discussion groups will present written observations, to be made public, at the end of each week. At the end of the entire synod, the bishops will vote on a final document summarizing all their discussions, also to be made public.


Baldisseri, who heads the Vatican’s office for the synod and has been leading the organization of the October event, said Friday they had decided not to make public the individual texts of bishops because “the synod must be a protected space” where bishops “may have the liberty to speak with parrhesia.”

But the cardinal said the texts of the 13 small discussion groups would be made public as they were released three times during the three weeks of the bishops’ meetings.


Baldisseri also announced Friday the ten members of the drafting committee for the synod’s final document, expected to be voted on and given to Francis during the last day of the meeting.


Go on over to see who is on that committee.  

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