Another excellent post from Steve Skojec

Over at OnePeterFive, Steve Skojec has a wonderful post from Screwtape with some excellent advice for those who will be glued to everything happening regarding the upcoming synod in October.  One short excerpt:

“This is a long term thing (though far shorter than eternity), and you’ll have to be patient. Make his prayers vain, mindless and dead. Fill them with bitterness and rancour towards his superiors. You will, of course, find it much easier if he hasn’t developed the terrible habit of making a deliberate effort to turn his mind towards the Enemy before he prays. And for crying out loud, be subtle about it. If he realises what you’re up to, he’ll ask the Enemy or his Guardian protector for help, and then your efforts will be in vain.”

It is so important not to fret, not to worry, to keep our eyes on Jesus Christ, Who is our peace and to pray for Pope Francis and all the bishops who will be taking part.

I had posted earlier his marvelous post exhorting against division in the Body of Christ.


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